New beginnings

The kids going back to school always makes me think of new beginnings and here at RBL we're experiencing a new beginning too. We've recently moved into a lovely new office in Teddington and are still in the unpacking phase but hopefully we'll be shipshape fairly soon. The good news is that we've managed to find the coffee and mugs so we're already feeling welcome and at home.

We're also celebrating 15 years of consulting this week having worked with many brilliant clients and fantastic projects over the years, including a long-term relationship with Scottish online butchers Donald Russell. Over the eight years of working in partnership, we've run multiple customer experience audits which led to changes in the online and offline customer journeys which we worked with the marketing and contact centre teams to redesign and implement. Our final project was to kick start new customer acquisition and we helped them to transition the new customer acquisition strategy and marketing plans from being predominantly offline, to being truly multi-channel successfully launching DRTV and social media channels ahead of lockdown. Our work was really hands-on, working with media and creative agencies to develop and deliver a whole new way of advertising. During lockdown we were able to provide living proof of one of the company's core values of agility. We totally revamped our marketing plans and budget to generate record levels of new customer demand as lockdown kicked in. Having put the foundations for ongoing success in place, and really stress-tested them through lockdown, we were able to hand back the reins to the marketing team to take the business forward from mid-July (along with a 24 page hand-over guide!)

Since then we've restarted a supporter experience project for a major charity who are reigniting their face-to-face fundraising in the new Covid world. Whilst we've been running these experience audits for the last three or four years, this year's audit has a new focus.

Continuing the new theme we've also been working on a complete overhaul of our own website and offering. We're close to launching the new site so please keep your eyes peeled for our fresh new look.

Finally, alongside well earned staycations exploring new places within the UK, we've taken the summer to review and refresh our Vulnerable Customer training offering enabling us to run the sessions remotely through MS Teams, Zoom etc if you'd prefer a remote session to a socially distanced one. We've also updated the materials, added a new section which covers Covid and it's impact on customer / supporter vulnerability plus created a new e-book with course content and materials that's yours to keep after the session.

We're excited to be moving forward and look forward to seeing what else 2020 and beyond can challenge us with!

If you're looking for a fresh approach to examining your customers experience or a new approach to handling contacts with your vulnerable customers or supporters, please get in touch and give me an excuse to put the unpacking to one side!

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