Bringing the voice of your customers into your boardroom and working practices

  • We enable you to hear your customer voices clearly, including those in vulnerable circumstances. By understanding the full customer experience, including needs and attitudes, you can begin to build loyalty and equity.

We hear the voice of your customers . . .

Customer experience is often understood to be a function of what customers “do, think and feel” when they interact with businesses or charities. Whilst many customer experience service providers focus on what customers do, we believe it’s essential to also understand what customers are thinking and feeling as well as what they’re doing. We’re great believers in Maya Angelou’s famous quote “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. It’s therefore important to hear the voices of your customer and look at how your Voice of the Customer programme (VoC) is enabling your customers’ voices to come through to feed into strategic and operational plans. If you don’t have a VoC programme, we can work with you to establish and run one..

Ignoring what your customers want from your products or services can be damaging to your brand and revenue. While second guessing them means you may be off on a wild goose chase, solving problems that don’t even exist. If you can’t hear your customers' voices or aren’t even asking how they feel along the journey, you are at risk of either or both of these mistakes.

Our work enables you to hear all your customers clearly, including those in vulnerable circumstances, so you can build loyalty and equity – through personalised, relevant and timely communication.

Our experts will work with you to understand how your marketing and customer service strategies, align with your vision and mission and how relationships with your customers will deliver your objectives. We’ll work with you to review the customer journey, assess how that aligns with the marketing and customer service strategy and then identify the business challenges.

We run customer experience audits to identify what’s most important to your customers before working with you to implement practical solutions that will improve customer engagement and experience. Our audits will bring your customer voices into the room enabling you to see your service from the customer’s perspective..

The inclusion of customers in vulnerable circumstances may seem unimportant but our experience shows that they can become your most loyal customers and biggest brand advocates. With the Financial Conduct Authority having identified that over 50% of UK adults (October 2020) could be in a vulnerable circumstance at any one time, vulnerability is not just for the minority. Although we’re now through the height of the pandemic the numbers reported by the FCA suggest the numbers are still high at 24.9 million UK adults (that’s 47%).

We work with all kinds of organisations: B2B, B2C, not-for-profits and charities. Many of which return periodically as personnel and regulations change.

Improving your
Customer Experience begins with our FREE Discovery Session & Recommendations Report

We meet with you, at your offices or online, and, during what is usually a 2-hour meeting, we run a discovery session to understand your challenges and concerns. We’ll compile a report of our findings and recommendations. If what you read strikes a chord, then we’ll work together bringing the customers voices' into the discussions to find and implement solutions to move your business forward.

Understanding Vulnerability Workshops

  • Recognise how vulnerability may affect customer behaviour and impact your employees
  • Improve your understanding by tackling real-life scenarios
  • Discover how you can reasonably adjust products and service offerings for vulnerable customers
  • “I was very impressed with the way RBL quickly got to grips with the issue at hand and developed actionable solutions.”
    Ian Grant - Managing Director, Encyclopaedia Britannica

  • “I worked with Elaine and the RBL team for almost eight years and have always found them to be experts in their field and a pleasure to work with. Their commitment to our business was second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of RBL – a team who understand customers and customer experience better than anyone else I’ve ever worked with."
    Tazio Gagliardi, Managing Director, Donald Russell (Jan 2015 - Mar 2020)

  • “Working with RBL was incredibly beneficial. They were able to respond to our needs very quickly, with a meticulous and considered approach. We were delighted to see our results improve with their involvement.”
    Andrea Jones, Head of Direct Marketing, Sense

  • Elaine Lee is the best in the business! I worked with her on a multi-pronged fundraising project for our organization and her attention to the elaborate and detailed schedule ensured our transition between phases went beautifully. She was generous with her time and always available to solve issues, no matter how big or small. I hope to work with Ms. Lee again and would highly recommend her to anyone. Her outstanding expertise will ensure success for their fundraising programs as well.
    Heather Foote, Direct Marketing Specialist, The Humane Society USA

  • "I have always found Elaine and her team very knowledgeable and professional. RBL care deeply about donors receiving the very best donor care and they have always helped us with useful and actionable feedback. We have worked with RBL for many years and are looking forward to continuing our partnership with them."
    Shona Barnes, Campaigns Manager, Médecins Sans Frontières

  • "Elaine has the innate ability to listen to issues and play back in a way that helped us to see them from a different perspective and see opportunities we may not have considered. Crucially, Elaine also helped us to articulate and develop a clear customer services strategy to elevate the customer experience, making the process engaging, insightful and one that was ultimately approved with ease at board level.

    Elaine’s approach is always calm, professional, with tenacity and enthusiasm and often injected with a welcome dose of humour! I would highly recommend Elaine to anyone who needs help to understand their current state of play and to develop an effective strategy and implementation approach that supports the future direction of the business!"
    Mark Mainstone, Technology & Business Services Director, Folio Society

  • "I have worked with Elaine for many years on a diverse range of projects including selecting a telephone agency that became a long-term partner, carrying out an audit of our supporter recruitment campaigns and identifying areas for improvements to supporting us through the development of a new campaign. Elaine is a wise and trusted advisor who could always be relied on to ask the key questions to get us to the root of the issue."
    Louise Gibson, RAF Benevolent Fund

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