• We’ll work with you to identify all customer contact touchpoints to access feedback to inform your growth strategy.

Strategy and Operational Practice Reviews

Review, Reveal & Recommend

When considering customer experience, we typically start our work with our clients by reviewing their marketing and or customer services strategy. This enables us to get a feel for your target audience and how your organisation wants to engage with your prospects and customers, both active and lapsed. We will want to get to know your customer base and target audience. The benefit for your organisation is that an experienced marketer will look at the strategy from the ‘outside in’ and challenge with objectivity whether it’s clear and effective in delivering on your mission and objectives by reaching the intended customer groups. We’ll also consider whether the marketing and customer services strategies are correctly aligned.

We then look at what’s really happening to determine if the operational practices are reflecting and delivering upon the strategic intent. We’ll listen to your key staff to understand how they’re involved and influence the delivery of the planned experience and how successful they think the results are and where they believe improvements can be made.

Next, we bring our experience and ability to look through an external lens to identify potential challenges your customers or prospects are facing including those in vulnerable circumstances. We understand the buying power of customers and their motivations to engage or disconnect. Research shows that every year UK businesses lose £15.3 billion in revenue when customers defect and abandon purchases as a direct result of poor customer service. Disabled customers are often poorly catered for as their needs are not fully understood or considered. This results in 75% of disabled people having to leave a store or website, unable to complete a purchase because of a lack of accessibility or poor customer service. With the so-called ‘Purple Pound’ worth an estimated £274 billion each year in the UK alone, many organisations cannot afford to ignore these customers, nor should they. Where disabled customers are able to make purchases, 82% of customers with accessibility needs report they would spend more if the websites were accessible. Instead, they’re left feeling that shopping with organisations is too challenging.

This is where your Voice of the Customer (Voc) programme will show its merit. Your customers will be sharing feedback through all sorts of channels all of the time. Customer feedback can be accessed through the customer decision journey and across a multitude of contact channels – not just your review platform. We’ll work with you to identify all customer contact touchpoints and to be able to access the feedback data within so that your strategy and operational plans are tackling the challenges your customers are facing when engaging with you, which will enable the organisation to tap into the full growth opportunities. If you don’t have a VoC programme in place, don’t worry, we can work with you to design and implement a programme.

We will then report back to you with insight, recommendations and practical solutions to improve your results.

The scale of vulnerability within the UK and your customer base, should not be underestimated . . .

Research shows that every year UK businesses lose £15.3 billion in revenue when customers defect and abandon purchases as a direct result of poor customer service.*

*Source The Cost of Poor Customer Service: The Economic Impact of the Customer Experience’ which was sponsored by Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories

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“RBL helped us demystify what experience our supporters actually have of the NAS - we knew there would be room for improvement but it was exceptionally helpful to hear very specifically and from a supporters perspective where the issues were. The first phase was so enlightening that we asked them to complete an internal audit across all departments and of all key supporter related processes, and recommend precisely what we needed to do and how much it would cost. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.”
Carolyne Coupel, Head of Individual Giving National Autistic Society

“RBL’s insight into donor journeys and practical advice on maximising opportunities to promote regular giving has given us a head start on achieving target.”
Esther Preston, Marketing Manager, Saint Francis Hospice

“Working with Elaine has been an absolute joy. She has supported my area of work at Missing People by helping us create and develop our donor user journeys and, most recently, leading a project from the brief development stage to help us find the right people to work with to uplift an income stream. Elaine goes above and beyond and shares insights and updates from the sector that are useful to know and help steer us in the right direction.”
Pav Binepal, Senior Individual Giving and Insight Manager at Missing People

"We (first) engaged RBL to complete a customer experience audit which enabled us to clearly see the customer experience that the business was actually delivering to our online and offline customers. Considering our business from our customers’ perspective allowed us to understand where the key pinch points were and allowed us to prioritise where our main focus should be."
Tazio Gagliardi, Managing Director, Donald Russell (March 2020)

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