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71% of UK adults think businesses put profit before consumers.*


ReynoldsBusbyLee has designed, developed and delivered bespoke training for customer-facing teams. We help improve customer engagement and conversion to order or donation. Our training programmes cover inbound and outbound contacts across the range of communication channels, including: phone, email, live chat, social media and mail etc.

We immerse ourselves in the conversations you are having with your customers and identify how to improve them. We then develop and deliver training programmes to ensure consistency in your tone of voice and messages across all your customer-facing teams.

Our training teaches how to be alert to buying signals and the tools to select the most appropriate pitch and close for each individual customer, without using pressure techniques. We also train your teams to be transparent in their conversations and to be respectful of customers and supporters at all times. We show how conversational opportunities can be turned into customer loyalty and increase lifetime value.

We are proud to have co-written training materials for contact centres handling conversations with vulnerable adults. These materials are available free of charge via the DMA UK. The materials are available to both members and non-members of the DMA.

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