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As Oxfam prepared to launch their largest fundraising activity in 10 years, they approached ReynoldsBusbyLee (RBL) to provide external expert support with the response management element of the campaign. The planned activity was to run across a wide range of advertising channels including DRTV, brand TV, online, outdoor, direct mail and PR . Whilst Oxfam had an outsourced contact centre in place to handle the response, it appointed RBL to review and refine all the briefing and set-up materials across this complex campaign, to oversee the set-up and testing and to provide day-to-day management of the contact centre to optimise performance and donor-centricity in all contacts ensuring that all contacts met strict objective quality assurance metrics.


RBL worked with the Oxfam fundraising team to develop a detailed brief which was written up and shared with the contact centre team during a number of planning sessions. RBL developed a new call script guide which transformed the conversations being had between the donors and charity (via the contact centre) to become valued by both parties.

Oxfam and RBL co-presented training at the contact centre prior to the launch of the campaign. The Oxfam team focussed on the strategic aims of the campaign and providing inside knowledge of Oxfam and its activity to the fundraisers, whilst RBL delivered training specific to the new script approach and ask strategy and keeping fundraisers engaged and motivated.

RBL oversaw the set-up of the activity at the contact centre, ensuring full testing of set-up and data transfers and reports were completed prior to launch.

Once the campaign was live RBL completed daily reviews of the results, chairing a daily call with the account manager at the contact centre and the Oxfam team to discuss highlights of the prior day's activity and to identify and resolve any opportunities to improve performance.

In addition, RBL completed regular quality assessments throughout the campaign to ensure that the strict metrics of both a qualitative and quantitative nature were being met. Any issues were immediately shared with the client and contact centre with potential solutions also shared.


The contact centre significantly improved its performance for this campaign in comparison to prior activity managed for Oxfam, becoming a prized asset of the fundraising team.

RBL's script and fundraising training ensured that metrics for conversion from contact to regular giving, average gift and gift aid all exceeded targets whilst also beating the retention targets for new donors.

RBL has subsequently provided training and guidance for Oxfam's outbound activity converting cash givers to become regular givers again with great success.


“Elaine provides a wealth of good advice that’s been invaluable to our DRTV campaigns, enabling us to test new approaches and implement changes based on her experience and expertise. Elaine is professional, proactive, knowledgeable and has the client’s best interests at heart.

Elaine is also hugely knowledgeable in her field and this has been invaluable to Oxfam. She adds value by suggesting continuous improvements (e.g. script changes to help the flow of the call, call-back strategy or reporting changes to help with analysis).

In summary Elaine has added a lot of value to the Oxfam / supplier relationship - Invaluable advice and good fun to work with too!”

* Source: SCI Sales Group 2014